"Shine" Video premiere on Blurred Culture:

NASHVILLE, TN- Laura Reed is a South-African born/North Carolina-raised/Nashville-based singer/songwriter with a real soulful sound.  That soul is given a funky polish on her single “Shine”. Released earlier this year on April 12, “Shine”, produced by WLPRWR, is a banger of a track. With its distorted guitar lines and booming horn section, the cut’s sonics really amplify the confident swag with which Ms. Reed sings. When we asked Laura whether “Shine” was indicative of the new music she’s working on with Dave Schools and Vance Powell, Laura says:

“Shine” is more of a sonic outlier […] as the new EP is really bringing everything back to the songwriting and melodies, and less about big production. The project with Dave Schools and Vance Powell are pointed in a more retro but modern rock direction. There are no horns actually, but more guitar and harmonica.  Everything performed live in the studio, at Vance’s Sputnik Sound Studios in Nashville.  Don’t get me wrong however, I LOVE big horn lines and the high energy of “Shine”. Some songs call for that and others don’t. The production WLPWR did on “Shine” fit so well with the message, the funky energy serving as a little extra sugar to help the medicine go down.

Blurred Culture has the exclusive of the music video for “Shine”! The video was shot by OMG PRKR while walking through neighborhoods and streets in East Nashville (one of which is her dad’s). With this experimental video, Laura has stated that the track is meant to “evoke & remind us of one’s power once they decide no one can take it, and celebrating strength in taking accountability for ourselves”. When we asked whether there was a specific moment that inspired her, Laura says:

There was not a specific moment, but more of a chapter that inspired the message and lyrics of “Shine”. I was out of a major publishing deal and on the other side of a divorce and was making music in such a free way. I felt in control of my life and my art again. I had a “zoom-out” moment in the studio when I heard the music that helped me recognize that I was in my stride, this is what I’m meant to do, and no one can take that away. I strongly believe we all have a purpose and when we can realize what that is and claim it, it’s a powerful feeling that sets you at ease. That peace of knowing what you are here to do is “Shine”. 

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Charlotte Jazz Festival 2019


South African vocalist/multi instrumentalist Laura Reed (now based in North Carolina, and also active in Nashville) played the first show of the Jazz at the Pavilion series, a series of evening free concerts. Her style draws freely from rock, funk, blues and jazz, and she's a firecracker.



BY: Lee Crumpton

Laura Reed and her band (complete with horn section) kicked off the evening with a set of soulful R&B with a good bit of blues and funk flavors throughout. She's got an incredible voice and also plays a custom ukulele and a mean harmonica. She invited out a guest guitar shredder, Emily Musolino (formerly of Dark Water Rising), to crank the rock up to 11. Reed, a Raleigh native, had lots of friends and even her family on hand to enjoy the show.  We're especially proud of her as we first met her long ago when she was a teenager and a rep for Home Grown Music Network.




A performer’s inspiration: Laura Reed loves local

Laura Reed, who calls the Triangle home, is fresh off performing at SXSW and recently put out a video for her song “Naturally” off her latest album “The Awakening.”

Reed is all about local. She supports local businesses and makes sure she plays shows here in the Triangle as well. That’s why she’s double booked, so to speak, on Saturday, April 25.

The South African born singer will play during Brewgaloo, Raleigh’s annual beer fest that features breweries from across North Carolina. She’s scheduled to take the City Plaza stage at 2 p.m.

You can also catch her the same day at the Art of Cool Festival in Durham. Her set will begin at 9:45 p.m. at The Pinhook. “[The Art of Cool] is a nonprofit that’s really helping elevate jazz, different musicians and kids,” Reed says. “Anything that’s helping bring music to children, I’m all for it!”

We recently spent a day with Reed in Raleigh to talk about her music, upcoming shows and her affinity for local.



JANUARY 23nd, 2015


Laura Reed’s debut album The Awakening is a labor of love three years in the making. The North Carolina-bred singer gave us the first taste of her album back in 2012 with the video for the uplifting “Faith Not Fear,” followed by the motivational “Wake Up” (which has been featured on both the big and small screen). By the time we exclusively premiered “Naturally” last year, we needed no further convincing that her full-length album would be well worth the wait. Released in December 2014 under her own label, Five Foot Giant Records, The Awakening is a refreshing blend of retro-leaning soul and pop with hints of gospel and R&B.


Now touring and promoting the album, Reed recently released the latest single, “Struggle,” an inspirational anthem co-written with Shannon Sanders. Backed by a gospel choir, the stirring tune speaks to the familiar issues that plague each of us at one time or another. Rather than wallow in self-pity, the singer encourages us to treat our struggles as an opportunity to heal, learn, and grow. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but a little positivity goes a long way. For an added dose of inspiration, take a minute to listen to the acoustic version below, then check out her ukulele-driven cover of Jazmine Sullivan's "Silver Lining," an optimistic closing thought for anyone going through a struggle right now.

You can purchase a hard copy (CD or vinyl) of The Awakening via her website or download the set via iTunes. And, if you're looking to stay indoors this Saturday night, you can attend a Laura Reed concert from the comfort of your warm and cozy home. The artist will be performing a full concert via livestream, taking live requests and giving away some swag. Just click this link and pay what you want to attend.